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Integrative institutions most dominant and most importantly that is absolutely necessary is the power of the military (TNI), which if necessary can be put on the control and monopoly over the means of violence (war equipment tool - main weaponry system) to maintain and even to build the nation. Within the framework of the traditional thinking of the universal symptoms even military in the world, the role of the military as the last bastion (mean of last resort) maintains the needs of the nation state. It can be tough stance of the military against separatist movements and regional (primodialisme), as an example of a military coup in Pakistan under General Musharraf, the islands of Fiji, bwah Russian President Vladimir Putin faced Chechen separatists and the Sri Lankan ethnic Tamil guerrillas face and TNI and Polri face separatist movements and regionalism in Indonesia starting from the RMS in 1950, until the problem GAM in Aceh and Papua in Papua.