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In an atmosphere of democratization, the use of military force against separatist movements can cause ambivalence because of the democratic process, calcchat separatist activities conducted without violence is legal.
Obvious example is the case of Quebec in Canada that has twice in a referendum to secede but to no avail. Successful referendum take place in Indonesia, namely the polls in East Timor in 1999 which was won by the pro-independence group. Poll in East Tiimur actually not the first time for Indonesia, because we've held Act of free choice (referendum - Act of) in Irian Jaya in 1969 with the UN, which managed to get support for integration with Indonesia. Examples of a similar poll took place in Sabah and Sarawak in 1963 who agreed to join the Malay Peninsula to form the country of Malaysia.
In addition to the military bureaucracy, the process of state building also includes a civil bureaucracy which has the main task of collecting taxes and providing material Principal particular food ingredients (tax officials as the most traditional form of democracy). Provision of food material should be available to be sufficient to prevent the occurrence of "riot famine food" or food riots, which can be demonstrated in the history of the French revolution of 1789 and the Russian revolution of 1917. Indonesia also have experienced food riots that led to the collapse of the New Order government in 1998 Since the monetary crisis in 1997. The crisis is also undermining food and monetary governance in Thailand and South Korea, while the only survivor Malaysia under Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad.
Military and civilian bureaucracy in Indonesia has been growing rapidly and progress both in terms of quantity, quality, rank or placement level echelon leadership and ethnic sources of recruitment. In terms of ethnicity, both military and police and both central and local civil servants already includes all ethnic groups that exist, so that symbolizes national unity.